Final Exam Information for Faculty

Due to the high volume and time requirements for tests during final examinations, SAS has several changes in standard testing policies.   During this time period tests with extra time can last up to 6 hours.   

Several weeks prior to finals SAS will reach out to gather certain information we need to properly plan and schedule exams.  This includes: 

  • How long is the exam designed to take (for students taking it in class)? 

  • Does your exam need any additional materials?  

    • Bluebooks? 

    • Scantron (please indicate which color scantron)? 

  • Does your exam require a computer (for Sakai or audio/visual files)? 

  • What is your cell-phone number and best method of contact if there are issues during the final? 

    • Text, call, or email?  

Please send tests to SAS as soon as possible or at least 24 hours in advance of the exam date.  This enables us to process it based on accommodation needs such as alternate format, and to securely package your exam for the proctor.  

Workflow is the best and preferred method of sending a test to SAS. By doing so you ensure that the exam is inherently attached to the correct procedurally generated Request ID number eliminating exam administration errors. 


  • When an exam request is received through Workflow faculty should upload the exam as an attachment and approve the Test Accommodation Request Form.  

  • This will generate an email to SAS with the exam attached.   

Manual Delivery 

  • Manual delivery of exams is discouraged for several reasons:

    • Certain accommodations, like alternate format, require a digital copy.   

    • We cannot easily reprint for multiple students  

    • Does not connect test to test identification number used by SAS 

  • If you must manually deliver an exam, you may hand it off to an SAS team member in 100 Rothschild Place between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.   

    • Include Test Accommodation Request Form cover sheet with student and test information 


  • Email is discouraged because it does not connect the test to the test identification number used by SAS 

  • If you must email, send the test to tests@ithaca.edu.  

  • To ensure the correct test is given to your student.  Include the Test Accommodation Request Form from Workflow, or provide the following information:  

    • Student’s name 

    • Course name 

    • How long the class will have for the exam 

    • Date and time of the exam  

    • Any special instructions (e.g. what color scantron is needed) 

If you notice an error on an exam and need to send a new copy, add clarification, or new special instructions, please email tests@ithaca.edu.   

Please include the Request ID or Test Request Cover sheet so we can easily link the changes to your exam.  

SAS Final Exam Returns and Pick-ups Policies 

Return policy: 

  • Final exams are returned to the Dean’s Office twice daily. 

  • Exams are returned around 10-11 AM and 4-5 PM. 

  • Return receipts are emailed to Professors, Students, and the Deans office. 

  • Any remaining/held exams will be delivered on Friday before noon. 

Pick-up Policy: 

Professors are welcome to request that we hold exams for pickup. Keep in mind: 

  • To hold an exam email tests@ithaca.edu 

  • Approved TAs or Student Workers may also pick up exams.  Professors or school personnel must contact tests@ithaca.edu ahead of time with the names of approved students. 

  • For security reasons, bring a photo ID. 

  • Exam pickup will be located at 100 Rothschild Place. 

  • Due to extended time accommodations as well as test security and processing procedures, tests may not be ready to pick up until scheduled delivery times. 

During Finals, our office will be staffed from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.