Student Accommodation Portal

SAS utilizes an online system that gives students more access to and control over their accommodation requests. Students can use the new system to request accommodations and accommodation letters, schedule appointments and tests, sign information release consent forms, and more!

Login to the student accommodation portal to access the features described below.

  1. If you have worked with SAS in the past but cannot log into the portal, contact as your account may be locked or inactive.
  2. If you have never worked with SAS before, visit our New to SAS page for information on how to get started.
Eligibilities vs. Accommodations

It is important to note the difference between an “Eligibility” and an “Accommodation.” An Eligibility is something you are approved to receive based on documentation and conversations with SAS staff. Eligibilities stay the same until you meet with a Specialist to either add or remove them. An Accommodation is an Eligibility you request for a specific class for a specific term. For example, you might have extra time on a test as an Eligibility. You can request extra time on tests as an Accommodation for your math class but not your yoga class. Accommodations are requested on a class by class, term by term basis.

You can view all of your Eligibilities by clicking “My Eligibility” under the “My Accommodations” heading. If you have questions about the Eligibilities listed, contact SAS to schedule an appointment to talk with a Specialist.

Quick Guides

The following guides explain how to perform a variety of tasks within the Student Accommodation Portal.

Students who are registered with SAS and have met with a specialist to determine eligibilities can request accommodations through the Student Accommodation Portal.

  1. Under the “My Accommodations” menu heading, click “List Accommodations.”
  2. Select the course(s) you would like to request accommodations for and click the “Step 2 – Continue to Customize Your Accommodations” button to continue.
  3. Select which accommodations you are requesting for each course.
  4. Click the “Submit Your Accommodation Requests” button to continue.
  5. You should now see a list of your courses and all approved accommodations for each.
  6. SAS will send copies of the accommodation letters to your faculty.

Note: It can take up to 48 hours for new courses to be listed. If you think something is missing – or if you have questions – contact SAS at

Students who have completed a Disability Identification Form can schedule an appointment within the Student Accommodation Portal. 

  1. Click on “Request for Appointment” under the “Home” menu header.
  2. Click the “Request for Appointment” button to continue.
  3. Select the type of appointment from the drop-down menu and indicate what you would like to discuss with SAS staff.
  4. Select at least four available time slots by clicking the times you are available to meet.
  5. Click the “Submit Request for Appointment” button to complete your request.
  6. SAS will confirm your appointment time via email.

Students who wish to grant information access to family or guardians must complete an Information Release Consent. 

  1. Click the “Information Release Consents” link under the “My Accommodations” heading.
  2. Step 1: Select the type of person to whom you wish to give information release consent.
  3. Step 2: Complete the Information Release Consent Form.
    1. Consent Expires On: Auto-populates to 4 years from the current date.
    2. Full name: required (this is the name of the family member or guardian you want to give access to)
    3. Address, Phone, Fax, Additional Notes: These fields are not required but can be helpful to confirm identity and any details you would like us to know about this person.
  4. Electronically sign the Release Statement and click the “Submit Information Release Consent Form” button to confirm the release consent.

The student accommodation portal provides the option of receiving notifications via text messaging. You are the only one who has the ability to modify text messaging preferences. SAS staff cannot turn text messaging on for you. To change your texting preferences, click on “Update Preference” under the “SMS (Text Messaging)” menu header or click “SMS (Text Messaging)” under the “Home” menu header. Here you can enter your cell phone number and indicate your notification preferences. Your options may look different than the image below based on your eligibilities. 

You must log in to the new system using your Netpass username and password. If you do not yet have a username or password, contact our office to discuss next steps. 

You must have muti-factor authentication (MFA) set up before you can log in. If you have not yet done this, visit the IT guide on Multi-Factor Authentication to get started. 

If you have tried to log in using the wrong password multiple times you can get locked out of the system. Contact our office and we will be able to unlock your account.

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