Are you an incoming or prospective IC student?

You will need your IC Netpass to start the interactive SAS accommodations process.

A timeline for incoming Fall 2024 students is posted on our Prospective Parents and Students page. 

Welcome to Student Accessibility Services

Documentation and information related to your disability are kept confidential within our office.  We only share limited information needed to ensure the effective provision of accommodations. 

  • (e.g. student is eligible for certain accommodation or there is a barrier to access for a specific task/environment.)  

Please read all the information on this site regarding identification, documentation, and accommodation procedures carefully.   

The process below is only for students who are requesting an accommodation.  If you do not need an accommodation you do not need to connect with our offices, even if you identify as an individual with a disability.     

Student New to Student Accessibility Services

  1. Complete our online SAS accommodation Intake Form 
  2. Provide documentation of a disability to SAS. 
    • Documentation can be:
      • Uploaded to the accommodation portal when completing the Disability Identification Form.  Must be in PDF format and must be less than 20 MB in size.
      • Emailed:
      • Faxed: (607) 274-3957 
    • Documentation guidelines
  3. Meet with an SAS specialist for determination of eligibility and develop an accommodation plan.
    • Appointments available via Zoom or in person.
      • Our system will generate a link for you to schedule your appointment after you submit your documentation.  You will receive this link via email.
      • If you do not receive this link, please contact our office for assistance:
  4. Housing and dietary accommodation have slightly different procedures.
    1.  Housing Accommodation Page
    2.  Dietary Accommodation Page

No student should delay registering with our office out of concern for not having appropriate paperwork or documentation.  Accommodations may take time to put in place and are not retroactive. 

Returning students

Returning students must renew their accommodation plan each semester. Accommodations are not retroactive and do not go into effect until updated for the current semester.

For more information visit the Renewing Accommodations Page.