Procedures for Finals

Procedures for scheduling a final exam with SAS are like those for semester exams with the following exceptions: 

  • The three-business day scheduling rule does not apply for finals.

  • Requests must be submitted by the deadline on the request form.

    • This is generally around 2 and a half weeks before finals week. 

  • Exam dates and times can be found on the Registrars final exam schedule.

  • Seating times on are blocked scheduled due to the high volume of testing.

    • Students, unless due to a disability or accommodation, should select the block of time closest to their classes scheduled exam.

Submitting an Exam Request

Exam requests must be submitted using the Test Accommodation Request Form.  

  • Enter your Student ID or your first and last name 

  • Class Selection 

    • Choose the current term from the Choose A Term dropdown 

  • Choose A Class 

    • Select the appropriate class from the dropdown menu 

  • Exam Information 

    • Is this a final exam during finals week? Select Yes or No 

    • Select a Test Date – Enter the date you will sit for the exam (may be different than class time) 

    • Select Test Time – Enter the time you will sit for the exam (may be different than class time) 

  • Test Accommodations 

    • Select the accommodations you will need for the test 

  • Comments 

    • Enter information you wish to share with SAS or your professor 

  • Submit 

    • Click Submit to complete your request. 

You will receive an email confirming your request was submitted but your professor still needs to approve the exam request.   

Alternate Test Date/Time

  • If you need to take your exam on an alternate date or time due to an accommodation or disability:

    • Your Test Date and Test Time selections should be the date and time you will sit for the exam, not the scheduled class time.   

    • This request is communicated and approved through your professors to ensure moving time does not alter a fundamental requirement.