Procedures for Finals

Procedures for scheduling a final exam with SAS are like those for semester exams with the following exceptions: 

  • The five-business day scheduling rule does not apply for finals.

  • Requests must be submitted by the final exam deadline.

    • This is generally around 2 and a half weeks before finals week. 

    • SAS will email the official deadline date to students.

  • Exam dates and times can be found on the Registrars final exam schedule.

  • Seating times are on a block schedule due to the high volume of testing.

    • Students, unless due to a disability or accommodation, should select the block of time closest to their classes scheduled exam.

Submitting an Exam Request

Exam requests must be submitted through the SAS Alternative Testing Request Form

  • Sign in using your IC netpass
  • Select Alternative Testing from the left side of your screen (under My Accommodations)
  • Choose your class from the Select Class dropdown and follow the prompts to enter your test information
  • Click on Schedule an Exam
  • Your request will be forwarded to your professor and SAS

You will receive an email confirming your request was submitted but your professor still needs to approve the exam request.   

Alternate Test Date/Time

  • If you need to take your exam on an alternate date or time due to an accommodation or disability:

    • Your Test Date and Test Time selections should be the date and time you will sit for the exam, not the scheduled class time.   

    • This request is communicated and approved through your professors to ensure that moving the date/time does not alter a fundamental requirement.