Academic Accommodations

Are you an incoming or prospective IC student?

You will need your IC Netpass to start the interactive SAS accommodations process.

If you are a prospective or accepted student, please visit our Prospective Parents and Students page.

Incoming Fall 2024 students can meet with SAS for academic intake appointments starting on June 10, 2024.  

Academic Accommodations are provided on an individual basis to students with disabilities through the interactive process to ensure equal access to academic and learning environments at Ithaca College.

Receiving academic accommodations can be simplified into several steps:

  1. A student makes a request and/or discloses a disability to SAS.  Students may do this by filling out the Disability Identification Form
  2. The student meets with a SAS specialist to discuss the barriers to access within academic settings.  (Other types of accommodation may be discussed as well)
  3. Documentation of a disability is provided by a licensed professional.

Once an accommodation plan has been developed and approved by the SAS specialist, a student can request digital copies of the plan to be sent to themselves as well as their professors. This is often done during the intake or renewal appointment. 

Keep in mind:

  • Communication is key to accommodation success and additional communication beyond the first meeting may be required by the student for accommodations to be successfully implemented. 
    • Students are expected to communicate with their professors to discuss the implementation of accommodations.
    • Students are not expected to negotiate accommodations with their professors.  If the professor or student has concerns after reviewing the plan, SAS should be contacted to discuss, arbitrate, and/or resolve.
    • Several accommodations provided by SAS have associated request forms a student must fill out. (e.g. test requests or alternate format conversions).
  • Students should review the plan and contact SAS if there are any issues or questions.

All accommodations based on the barriers presented by the disabling condition within a specific environment that substantially limit a major life activity.  In this sense, there is not a dedicated list of accommodations available through SAS but rather an understanding that all requests for accommodations and any student that discloses a disability-related need will be given due consideration through the interactive process.

Below is a shortlist of frequent requests and is in no way an exhaustive list:

Academic and testing accommodation plans must be renewed each semester for each class.

  • Read the Renewal Guidelines for more information about how you can renew each semester.
  • Students that add or drop a course must inform SAS to ensure the provision of accommodations.