Meal Plan Accommodations


Students who follow a special diet and feel that Dining Services isn’t meeting their needs are encouraged to first contact dine@ithaca.edu to learn more about resources that Dining Services provides. Examples include: 

  1. Meeting with the Executive Chef to construct a meal or time-based plan to meet the student's dietary requirement. 
  2. Exploring allergen-free options like Minus 3, Station No. 8, and the gluten-free pantry. 
  3. Exploring various options like vegan, vegetarian, kosher, grab and go, etc. 


If you have a documented disability that cannot be mitigated by working with Dining Services, students can request a meal plan accommodation through Student Accessibility Services (SAS). 

Below details how to start the interactive process between the Ithaca College student and Student Accessibility Services when requesting a meal plan accommodation: 

  • Meet with a specialist to discuss the request 

  • If not already done, register with Student Accessibility Services by completing the online Disability Identification Form

  • Provide documentation that supports your request to Student Accessibility Services. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines

    • Documentation supporting dietary requests must contain the following criteria: 

      • Documentation must be written by a licensed professional. 

      • Must include a formal diagnosis that rises to the level of a disability as per ADA guidelines. 

      • Contain functional limitations related to the disability (the impact, severity, frequency, and/or pervasiveness of the condition.) 

      • Documentation should address why the accommodation requested is a need for the student. 


Depending on the nature of the disability, a student that has an approved meal plan accommodation may need considerations around their housing environment to properly prepare specialized diets or avoid specific allergens.  Students should discuss these needs with a SAS specialist during their appointment.  Additional information may be found on the housing accommodation page.