Are you an incoming or prospective IC student?

You will need your IC Netpass to start the request process.

Depending on the nature of the disability, a student requesting dietary accommodations may also require adjustments to their housing environment. SAS recommends, therefore, that requests for dietary accommodations should be made within the same timeframe as housing accommodations.

For incoming Fall 2024 students:

May 20: Intake appointments open for SAS housing accommodations.

  • The SAS process does not replace the Residential Life housing assignment process. Make sure you fill out any Residential Life forms required for housing selection: New Student Housing.

Meal Plan Accommodations


Students who follow a special diet and feel that Dining Services isn’t meeting their needs are encouraged to first contact to learn more about resources that Dining Services provides. Examples include: 

  1. Meeting with the Executive Chef, Kevin Grant, to construct a meal or time-based plan to meet the student's dietary requirement. 
  2. Exploring allergen-free options like Minus 3, Station No. 8, and the gluten-free pantry. 
  3. Exploring various options like vegan, vegetarian, kosher, grab and go, etc. 


If you have a documented disability that cannot be mitigated by working with Dining Services, students can request a meal plan accommodation through Student Accessibility Services (SAS). 

Below details how to start the interactive process between the Ithaca College student and Student Accessibility Services when requesting a meal plan accommodation: 

  • If not already done, register with Student Accessibility Services by completing the online Disability Identification Form

  • Meet with a specialist to discuss the request 

  • Provide documentation that supports your request to Student Accessibility Services. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines

    • Documentation supporting dietary requests must contain the following criteria: 

      • Documentation must be written by a licensed professional. 

      • Must include a formal diagnosis that rises to the level of a disability as per ADA guidelines. 

      • Contain functional limitations related to the disability (the impact, severity, frequency, and/or pervasiveness of the condition.) 

      • Documentation should address why the accommodation requested is a need for the student. 

  •   How to submit your supporting documentation:
    • Students who already have a file with SAS should use the "New Documentation Form" in the STUDENT ACCOMMODATION PORTAL.

    • If you have never worked with SAS before, we will email you a link to upload your documentation after you submit the online Disability Identification Form.

    • Professionals can send the documentation to or fax to our office at (607) 274-3957.

    • Electronically submitted documentation (uploaded or emailed) should be in PDF format and must be smaller than 20 MB.

      • Our system cannot process image files, such as a photo taken with a phone or mobile device.

Do not submit your form or documentation directly to Residential Life. 

Do not submit your form or documentation to the campus health center.   SAS is administratively distinct from CAPS and Student Health Services.  


Depending on the nature of the disability, a student that has an approved meal plan accommodation may need considerations around their housing environment to properly prepare specialized diets or avoid specific allergens.  Students should discuss these needs with a SAS specialist during their appointment.  Additional information may be found on the Housing Accommodation page.