Student Information

This pages and the pages connected to it contain extra information that students may find helpful.  

New to SAS?
For students who are new to SAS and need to know the basics for how to get started with accommodations.
Get Started with SAS
Accommodation Info
Information about various types of accommodations and services, as well as how to request them from SAS.
Accommodation Info
Returning Students
Accommodation plans (academic and testing) must be renewed each semester once students have registered for classes.
Accommodation Renewal Procedures
Documentation Guidelines
Documentation plays an important role in accommodation plans. Check out what SAS is looking for before you submit your docs.
Documentation Guidelines
High School vs. College
Basic info about the laws, procedures, requirements, and accommodations and they may be different between High School and College.
High School vs. College
Resolving Grievances
Students have a right to appeal a decision if an accommodation is denied or not provided.
Process to Resolve Grievances