Requesting Materials in Alternate Format

Alternative text formats are provided as accessible digital versions of course material such as textbooks, course packets, and other printed material that can be used with various types of assistive technology. Students with Alternate Format as an accommodation can request accessible versions of course material directly from SAS using the Alternate Format Request Form (instructions below).  Depending on the type of material, SAS may pull accessible versions from online repositories or convert materials in house.

Before Submitting your Request:

  1. Meet with your SAS specialist to confirm that you are eligible for this accommodation

  2. Obtain a list of required materials 

  3. Check to see whether the course materials are available in electronic format. 

    1. If you need an accessible version of a textbook, you can search publisher websites as well as third-party vendors. 

    2. If you need accessible versions of course materials, you can search the IC library or look online for accessible copies. 

Process for Requesting Materials

If you are unable to find an accessible version of the material you need, you can request an alternate format version through SAS. SAS recommends that students submit requests at least three weeks before they are needed for class. Acquiring and producing alternate format materials is a time-intensive process. Getting requests in early is the best way to ensure that materials will be ready when they are needed for class. 

To obtain material in an alternate format: 

  1. Assemble the information and documents required to request material 
    • Class information (course name, number, section, course instructor) 

    • Book information (title, author, edition, ISBN number) 

    • Proof of purchase (for books only) 

    • Documents you wish to have converted (PDF files, image files) 

  2. Read the Alternate Format Service Policy 
  3. Complete the Alternate Format Request Form (log in with your IC Account) 
  4. Monitor your IC email account for messages from the SAS staff regarding your request for alternate format material.

Questions regarding Alternative Text Format? Schedule to meet with the SAS Adaptive Technology Specialist by contacting our front desk at sas@ithaca.edu. 

Once Your Request Has Been Submitted

SAS works with book publishers, online clearinghouses, and other sources to obtain electronic versions of course material. In the case of course packets, articles, and assignments, SAS will work directly with instructors to create accessible materials. 

Once SAS has acquired or created the requested materials, they will be uploaded to a project site within Sakai. Each student receiving materials will be given access to a DropBox folder within Sakai that will contain completed alternate format materials. These materials can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device. More information about using Sakai project sites can be found in the Sakai Student Guide. Students will only have access to the material they requested.