Testing Accommodations for Canvas

Testing accommodations for online exams fall under the same regulations as in-person testing.  Students with extended time, or other testing accommodations, will receive them in both settings.  If you are new to Canvas, the Learning & Innovative Technologies (L&IT) and the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) can assist you, and SAS staff are available at tests@ithaca.edu to guide you through the accommodation process. 

Extended test time is based on the amount of time students without accommodations will have for the exam.  For instance, if students in class have 20 minutes for a quiz, students with time-and-a-half will have 30 minutes, and students with double-time will have 40 minutes. 

Instructions for adding extended time in Canvas can be found at INSTRUCTURE Community.  For assistance with other online platforms please contact the SAS Testing Center at tests@ithaca.edu.  

Students who require an auditory presentation of a test, using a reader, or who need the services of a scribe, for on-campus exams may also require them for online exams.  Students must request online exams through the SAS Alternative Testing Request Form using the same method as on-campus exam requests. 

To accommodate online students, a copy of the exam is needed so SAS staff can read the exam to the student via Zoom (during online instruction).  Faculty may accomplish this by uploading the exam to the Alternative Testing Request Form with detailed instructions. Upon completion of the exam, SAS will upload it back to the professor.

Students must communicate when this accommodation is needed so that faculty, the student, and SAS can work together on an alternate time that does not detract from the course objective and fits scheduling needs. Tests must be made up within a reasonable timeframe or the alternate time accommodation may be nullified.  

Based on a student’s disability some may require short, stop-the-clock breaks during exams.  This will apply only to students who have Breaks During Exams as an accommodation.  SAS will monitor break times for students in the testing center and add the time to the end of the exam.  For online exams, faculty can discuss the accommodation with the student to determine the length of the break and how it will be implemented.  One suggestion is to add an additional amount of time to the end of the exam that is equal to the length of the break (typically 10-15 minutes).