Welcome to Student Accessibility Services at IC!

At SAS, all of our services are built around the interactive process, with the goal of providing students the accommodations they need to ensure equal access to the opportunities at Ithaca College.

If you are prospective family interested in learning more about the accommodation process and the services provided by SAS, we are happy to talk with you in person, over Zoom, or by telephone. To schedule a time to talk, use our online scheduling link and select "Non-enrolled meeting - Parents, Professionals, Prospective."

All meetings with prospective students are informational and informal. Only incoming students can meet with SAS specialists to develop specific accommodation plans. As you familiarize yourself with our office, be sure to also read about the differences to expect in the accommodation process now that your student is moving from high school to college.

We have committed to Ithaca College – Now What?

First of all, congratulations! We are happy to have you in our community. As a committed student, you can begin the process of requesting accommodations through SAS. The first step for requesting ANY type of accommodation is to activate your IC Netpass. The Office of the Registrar will send information about this in late spring.

Process to Request Accommodations

The process (and recommended timeline) for requesting accommodations varies slightly based on the type of accommodation.

Timeframe: Mid- to late May


More information about housing accommodations can be found under “Accommodation Procedures and Services.”

Note: Depending on the nature of the disability, a student requesting dietary accommodations may also require adjustments to their housing environment. SAS recommends, therefore, that requests for dietary accommodations are made on the same timeframe as housing accommodations.

Timeframe: After you have activated your IC Netpass (and therefore have a functioning IC email address) and prior to the start of the semester


  • Complete the online Disability Identification Form.
  • Submit supporting documentation. Documentation can be submitted by:
  • Once SAS has received your application AND documentation, we will send an email to your IC email address to schedule a meeting with a specialist (in-person or remote) to determine eligibility and develop an accommodation plan. This is a required step in the accommodation process.

A Few Important Reminders

  • There are no deadlines for requesting accommodations. However:
    • Housing accommodations requested after ResLife deadlines may be delayed until a suitable space or situation becomes available.
    • Academic accommodations may take time to put in place and are not retroactive.
  • Students must renew (academic) accommodations each semester. Accommodations are not active until faculty receive notification of the accommodation plan.