Video Tutorials for Faculty and Students

Faculty Guide: Getting started with Faculty Accommodations Portal

This video covers:

  • Where to find the Faculty Accommodation Portal
  • Logging into the Portal
  • Completing Alternative Testing Agreements

This video instructs how to access the faculty portal and complete an alternative testing agreement.

Faculty Guide: What to do Before an Exam

This video covers:

  • How to dispute a student test request
  • Uploading files for exams
  • Specifying exam instructions

This video instructs faculty how to prepare for student exams, including uploading files and disputing requests.

Faculty Guide: Downloading exam files

This video covers:

  • How to access student exam files once they have completed a test

This video instructs how to download completed student exams from the faculty portal. 

Student Guide: Submitting Exam Requests

This video covers:

  • Navigating the student side of the accommodation portal
  • Creating exam requests

This video instructs students how to submit a testing request through the AIM portal.