Options on campus:

Students who follow a special diet and feel that Dining Services isn’t meeting their needs are encouraged to contact dine@ithaca.edu to learn more about resources that Dining Services provides. Examples include:

  1. Meeting with the Executive Chef to construct a meal or time based plan to meet the student's dietary requirement.
  2. Exploring allergen-free options like Minus 3 and Station No. 8.
  3. Exploring various options like vegan, vegetarian, kosher, grab and go, etc.

Accommodation for a Disability:

If you have a documented food-related disability that cannot be mitigated by working with Dining Services, students can request a dietary accommodation related to the meal plan through Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

Below details how to start the interactive process between the Ithaca College student and Student Accessibility Services when requesting a dietary accommodation:

  • Meet with a specialist to discuss the request
    • Please call SAS at 607 274-1005 and ask to make the appointment.
  • If not already done, register with Student Accessibility Services by completing the online Disability Identification Form.
  • Complete the Dietary Accommodation Request Form. (login with your IC email account)
  • Provide documentation that supports your request to Student Accessibility Services. Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines.
    • Documentation supporting dietary requests must contain the following criteria:
      • Documentation must be written by a licensed professional
      • Must include a formal diagnosis that rises to the level of a disability as per ADA guidelines.
      • Contain functional limitations related to the disability (Specifically, the impact, severity, frequency, and/or pervasiveness of the condition.)
      • Documentation should address why the accommodation requested is a need for the student.